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Tablet and web-based audiometry to screen for hearing loss in adults with cystic fibrosis

Anitha Vijayasingam, Emily Frost, Julie Wilkins, Lise Gillen, Presanna Premachandra, Kate Mclaren, Desmond Gilmartin, Lorenzo Picinali, Alberto Vidal-Diez, Simone Borsci, Melody Zhifang Ni, Wai Y Tang, Deborah Morris-Rosendahl, Jonny Harcourt, Caroline Elston, NJ Simmonds, Anand Shah
August 1, 2020
BMJ Publishing Group Ltd

Introduction Individuals with chronic lung disease (eg, cystic fibrosis (CF)) often receive antimicrobial therapy including aminoglycosides resulting in ototoxicity. Extended high-frequency audiometry has increased sensitivity for ototoxicity detection, but diagnostic audiometry in a sound-booth is costly, time-consuming and requires a trained audiologist. This cross-sectional study analysed tablet-based audiometry (Shoebox MD) performed by non-audiologists in an outpatient setting, alongside home web-based audiometry (3D Tune-In) to screen for hearing loss in adults with CF. Methods Hearing was analysed in 126 CF adults using validated questionnaires, a web self-hearing test (0.5 to 4 kHz), tablet (0.25 to 12 kHz) and sound-booth audiometry (0.25 to 12 kHz). A threshold of ≥25 dB hearing loss at ≥1 audiometric frequency was considered abnormal. Demographics and mitochondrial DNA sequencing were …

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