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S140 Interim results from a prospective study of tablet and web-based audiometry to detect ototoxicity in adults with cystic fibrosis

A Vijayasingam, A Shah, NJ Simmonds, C Elston, E Frost, J Wilkins, L Picinali, P Premachandra, L Gillen, D Morris-Rosendahl, M Ni
December 1, 2018
Suppl 4
BMJ Publishing Group Ltd

Introduction Individuals with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) often receive frequent, prolonged anti-infective therapy including aminoglycosides which result in ototoxicity. There are, however, no current national or international screening recommendations. Although high-frequency audiometry has increased sensitivity for early detection of drug-induced hearing loss, formal audiometry is costly and requires further outpatient visits. We analyse the validity of an interactive Apple-iPad app-based high-frequency audiometer (Shoebox MD) that can be used by non-audiologists to test hearing in an outpatient setting to screen for ototoxicity in an adult CF population. Methods Adults with CF at the Royal Brompton and Harefield or Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts are being recruited over an 8 month period. Hearing was analysed with an iPad app in an outpatient setting by non-audiologists followed by formal audiometry …

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