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Investigation Into Consistency of Subjective and Objective Perceptual Selection of Non-individual Head-Related Transfer Functions

Chungeun Kim, Veranika Lim, Lorenzo Picinali
January 1, 2021
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society
Audio Engineering Society

The binaural technique uses a set of direction-dependent filters known as Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) in order to create 3D soundscapes through a pair of headphones. Although each HRTF is unique to the person it ismeasured from, due to the cost and complexity of the measurement process pre-measured non-individual HRTFs are generally used. This study investigates whether it is possible for a listener to perceptually select the best-fitting non-individual HRTFs in a consistent manner, using both subjective and objective methods. 16 subjects participated in 3 repeated sessions of binaural listening tests. During each session, participants firstly listened tomoving sound sources spatialized using 7 different non-individual HRTFs and ranked them according to perceived plausibility and externalization (subjective selection). They then performed a localization task with sources spatialized using the …

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