Imperial College London

Avifaunal and Herpetofaunal point counts with recorded acoustic data

S Sethi, R Ewers, N Jones, L Picinali, D Orme, J Sleutel, A Shabrani, N Zulkifli, H Bernard
January 1, 2019

A series of 20 minute avifaunal and herpetofaunal point counts conducted throughout the SAFE landscape across a land degradation gradient. Point counts were spread evenly throughout the 24 hours of the day. Associated with each point count is an audio recording file, so (theoretically) this could be used as a training dataset for automated bioacoustic studies. Jani Sleutel was responsible for avifaunal surveys and Adi Shabrani / Nursyamin Zulkifli for herpetofaunal data. This experiment was primarily designed by Sarab Sethi and Rob Ewers as part of the WWF Biome Health project. Full acoustic data is hosted elsewhere, contact Sarab for more information.

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