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A Novel Auditory-Cognitive Training App for Delaying or Preventing the Onset of Dementia: Participatory Design With Stakeholders

Emily Frost, Talya Porat, Paresh Malhotra, Lorenzo Picinali
September 30, 2020
JMIR human factors
JMIR Publications Inc., Toronto, Canada

Background: Multiple gaming apps exist under the dementia umbrella for skills such as navigation; however, an app to specifically investigate the role of hearing loss in the process of cognitive decline is yet to be designed. There is a demonstrable gap in the utilization of games to further the knowledge of the potential relationship between hearing loss and dementia. Objective: This study aims to identify the needs, facilitators, and barriers in designing a novel auditory-cognitive training gaming app. Methods: A participatory design approach was used to engage key stakeholders across audiology and cognitive disorder specialties. Two rounds, including paired semistructured interviews and focus groups, were completed and thematically analyzed. Results: A total of 18 stakeholders participated, and 6 themes were identified to inform the next stage of app development. These included congruence with hobbies, life …

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