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3D Tune-In Toolkit

The 3DTI Toolkit is a standard C++ library for audio spatialisation and simulation using headphones, which aims at using 3D sound and simulating hearing loss and hearing aids within virtual environments and games. The Toolkit allows the design and rendering of highly realistic and immersive 3D audio, and the simulation of virtual hearing aid devices and of different typologies of hearing loss.

The 3D Tune-In Toolkit was developed with the DIANA Team at the University of Malaga, Spain.

You can find some details about the 3DTI Toolkit spatial audio implementation in this paper.

And the code is available from the GitHub account, AudioToolkit.

The Test Application (the one you see in the videos) is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux here, AudioToolkit/releases

At the link above, you can also download the VST plugin, both for MacOS and Windows, as well as the Unity wrapper/asset.

Visit project site
An example of the functionalities of the Test Application (use headphones when listening)
Demonstration of the hearing loss / hearing aid functions

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