Imperial College London

Sonicom Kick Off

May 20, 2021

SONICOM kicks off its five year mission to transform auditory-based social interaction and communication in AR/VR!

Our objectives:

  1. Design a new generation of immersive audio technologies and techniques specifically looking at AI-informed customisation and personalisation of the audio recording.
  2. Explore, map and model, with the help of AI, how the physical characteristics of spacialised auditory stimuli can influence observable behavioural. physiological, kinematic, and psychological listener's reactions within social interaction scenarios.
  3. Evaluate the techniques developed and data-driven outputs in an ecologically valid manner.
  4. Create an ecosystem for auditory data closely linked with model implementations and immersive audio rendering components, reinforcing the idea of reproducible research and promoting future development and innovation in the area of auditory-based social interaction.
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