Imperial College London

Hiring Research Associate in Immersive Audio

February 8, 2022

We are looking for one or more Research Associates (RA) in Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio to join the Audio Experience Design team here at Imperial College London. There are several projects in which the successful candidate will/might be involved, and the choice will depend on the candidate’s skills, areas of expertise and attitude.

  1. The first one is SONICOM, where the RA will lead the design and development of immersive audio (mainly binaural) tools and experiments and, if applicable (depending on the candidate’s expertise), also the integration of AI methods and techniques. Furthermore, she/he will be expected to actively collaborate with other academic and industry partners within the SONICOM consortium.
  2. The second project is BEARS, where the RA will be involved in the design and implementation of VR-based hearing training tools (spatial hearing, speech and music), as well as in the evaluation of such tools (e.g. design of experiments to assess the perceptual training obtained after extensive use of such tools) with bilateral cochlear implant users.
  3. The third project focuses on the development of novel methods and procedures for assessing spatial hearing performances, involving behaviour, electroencephalography (EEG), and pupillometry.

You can find more details about the requirements and conditions, as well as information about how to apply, below:

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